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Investigator Support Unit (ISU)


ISU has been established by PNHRC with an aim to aid researchers in their current and future projects to enhance the quality of research.


Offered FREE Research Services

PNHRC ISU Biostatistics and Data Management  Free

PNHRC ISU Scientific and Biostatistics Review Free




  1. Statistical Analysis Service:

Simple Statistical Analysis

  • Review of statistical design
  • Data coding and preparation for analysis
  • Tests for normalcy; identify outliers and trends
  • Summarizing with measures of central tendency and variability
  • Creation of tables and graphs

Complex Statistical Analysis

  • Perform complex quantitative data analysis such as T-tests, ANOVA, correlation and regression analysis
  • Use of appropriate analysis tools such as SPSS, SAS, R, Minitab, STATA, JMP, Matlab, Statistica, and Prism
  • Identify results to use for drawing conclusions and establish significance
  • Draw inferences from results
  • Present relevant results in tables/graphs
  • Identify potential weaknesses and limitations of the analysis




PNHRC ISU Editing and Publishing Free Service

PNHRC ISU Language Review Free


  1. Language Editing Service:

Premium Editing

Premium Editing service ensures that your manuscript goes through a thorough language and structural edit so that you receive a well-written, logically structured manuscript in native English tone, increasing your chances of publication in your target journal.

  • High-quality editing with sentence construction, grammar, and readability improvements
  • Accuracy of terminology in your subject area
  • 2 levels of thorough editing by 2 native editors
  • Journal formatting: Formatted paper with consistent citations and references layout
  • Free re-editing for 12 months
  • Editing certificate
  • Cover letter creation
  • Plagiarism check


Services Guidelines, Terms, and Conditions


  1. Any applicant who does not fulfill these criteria will be charged for any requested ISU service.
  2. ISU is not authorized to do any work on behalf of the applicant and will maintain support, guidance, and consultation throughout the research process.
  3. Registration must be made under the name of the applicant and not under any false or assumed name or someone else’s identity.
  4. A valid email must be provided at the time of registration.
  5. If you are applying to qualify for a free-of-charge service, you must register using your college or hospital-given email.
  6. The applicant is the only person responsible for following-up their request.
  7. A delay exceeding 2 weeks from the date of application to submit all required documents will result in the cancellation of the request. Applicants wishing to still obtain these services must apply again.
  8. ISU will not be responsible for any delay in the service delivery time caused by a delay in submitting required or requested documents by applicants.
  9. If the applicant wishes to cancel the service requested for any reason, the applicant must visit or email the unit with the cancellation reasons as soon as possible.
  10. Any violation of the terms and conditions of the ISU will result in halting any current or future service provision to the violators. 



PNHRC ISU Health Research Free Service - King Saud University



ISU services are provided FREE OF CHARGE to the faculty, of the following Health Colleges and hospitals:

King Saud University Health Colleges

  • Nursing,  Pharmacy,  Medicine,  Applied Medicine and  Dentistry

Other Universities/Institutions/Colleges/Hospitals

  • Prince Sultan College of Emergency Medicine,  King Khaled University Hospital and  King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital



ISU Online Service Request System

KSU Health College/Hospital Staff Login: Login/Create Service Request

For Non-KSU Staff: Signup/Create Account


For any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at or reach ISU at 011 4696024 | 011 4696028.



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