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PNHRC: The Future of Health Research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The idea to establish Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz Health Research Center has emerged from the belief of King Saud University in the importance of having a leading role in the field of medical services, and since KSU has distinguished a list of research centers in addition to a large number of specialized researchers in health sciences; therefore the idea of ​​the establishment of the center emerging so that it will be the umbrella for such researches. 


The inauguration of the center was in the year 2010 under the patronage of His Excellency Prince Naif Bin Abdul Aziz (May God have mercy on him).

The center is considered as one of the initiatives launched by KSU to agree with the country's development plans, to become a knowledge-based economy, with universities having a leading role, especially in the medical field.


PNHRC seeks to motivate the researchers to develop their researches by providing convenient research environment depending on its available distinguished laboratories. The Center focuses on many scientific fields for the health part in order to get high-quality researches that have a positive impact on the research environment and the medical services.


The administration of the center is prioritizing the idea of finding a new generation of experienced researchers by giving the chance for the postgraduates in the health specialties and for the intern physicians to take part in the scientific researches as well as providing them with the material and moral support.


Scientific Researches:

•    The center's Partnerships (nationally & internationally)
•    Researcher Guide
•    Research Statistics
•    Patents and Prizes



Motivating research environment for innovation. 



Providing the infrastructure and the manpower to support and develop the research ideas which serve the scientific research and contribute in providing solutions for the health problems in the Kingdom.




  1. Providing the needed infrastructure to conduct the health researchers and to enrich the scientific research in the health field.

  2. Supporting and encouraging Saudi researcher in their research and development.

  3. Providing proposals and solutions for the health issues based on documented scientific data.

  4. Contributing in preparation a unique generation of researchers.




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