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Remotely Accessible Healthcare At Home - RAHAH

PNHRC RAH@H - Health Technology Framework KSUMC


A Patient Centric 24/7 Connected Health Model to improve Healthcare Outcomes through Technology for Education, Engagement, Empowerment, Monitoring & Treatment of patients virtually RAHAH is a patient-centric connected health model and its objective is the wellness & treatment through tools such as telemedicine, webinars, devices etc. in order to educate, empower, influence, monitor & treat the patients.


The project was designed keeping in mind the pressing healthcare needs of vulnerable populations which do not have ready access to services such as pregnant women or expecting mothers with complications such as hypertension gestational diabetes, cardiac conditions, and other similar challenging medical conditions.


Through RAH@H, clinicians hope that they will be better able to take care of patients needs such as nutrition, prevention & protection against diseases and illness. This will help patients lead a better quality of life, create satisfied and truly empowered patients, who will comply with their treatments due to positive behavior and attitude due to timely attention and care met through telemedicine and other platforms.

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PNHRC  RAHAH - Patient Benefits in participating

Benefits in Participating in the RAH@H 

Patients will be able to track their own health indicators recorded by medical devices which patients will keep with them at home. These devices will push the observations to the RAH@H system and enable medical staff to do monitoring and respond to abnormal observations.

  • Patients will have access to “Health Encyclopedia” to educate themselves about various health conditions and will also be able to participate in online “Webinars” delivered by their Doctors, Nutritionists, Nurses, & Health Educators.
  • Another important aspect of the system is to provide users with “Telemedicine” facility so that physicians’ consultations can be provided remotely.
  • All of this is provided to the patient through an integrated system called RAH@H which includes a “Patient portal” and a “Patient app” integrated with “Doctor portal”  and “Doctor app”.
  • Doctors will be able to do remote patient monitoring & treatment in real time and also engage with patients throughout their journey.

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