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Small Research Project Initiative (SRP)

The PNHRC Supervising Committee for Small Research Proposal Funding Initiative is pleased to announce that the Research Center is now accepting research applications proposals submission directed to King Saud University Postgraduate Students. The specific topic of the proposal must fall within the general theme of health research projects and innovation. All research applications will be evaluated based on merit, innovation and relevance with the current research mission of the Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz Health Research Center.


Research Support Grant


30,000 SAR 

KSU Postgraduate Students ONLY


Research proposals submitted for consideration MUST:

PNHRC Small Reserach Project Initiatives (SRP)

Address the extent to which the outcomes of the research project themes are to demonstrate the direct contribution to health practice, not simply a discussion of implications. In addition, priority will be given to support research activities leading directly to the development of a nationally competitive research that has a strong potential for being externally funded. 


For projects involving human and animal subjects or clinical work, it is mandatory that the Principal Investigator present an ethical clearance form approved from the ethical committee or institutional review board (IRB), prior to the approval of the research support application.

Access to the concerned PNHRC laboratories and units will only be provided to the research team provided that pre-approval is also obtained from the concerned PNHRC Affiliated Units and Research Laboratories.


Methodology should properly match the research question. Quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods approaches are given equal consideration provided that the selected methodology produces the data to achieve the project aims and that it is sufficiently elaborated in the proposal. Single and multiple case studies will also be given consideration for funding.


The Prince Naif bin AbdulAziz Health Research Center may choose to fund an application partially, if it is in the best interests of the overall research support program. The maximum amount of a research support grant will amount to SAR 30,000 for KSU Postgraduate Student only and SAR 50, 000 KSU Assistant Professor only. PNHRC reserves the right to deny funding if the Supervising Committee does not deem any proposal worthy of financial research support.



  • The principal applicant must hold a full-time academic, research-based, or medical post within the King Saud University Medical City or Affiliated Health Colleges. Independent consultants or consulting firms and other for-profit enterprises are not eligible. 
  • Consultants and practitioners may be members of the research team, but cannot be principal investigators unless they have an academic appointment at an eligible organization, i.e., King Saud University or a non-profit research institute. Consultants and/or practitioners on the research team who do not hold a university appointment may be paid as independent contractors by the research team receiving the research support.
  • At least one student should be a member of the research team but cannot be principal investigators. Graduate students may wish to apply separately for applicable PNHRC Research Support Programs. Students who receive a PNHRC Research Support are not eligible to participate in a PNHRC Small Research Project Support Initiative program on the same topic.
  • Priority for Research Support will be given to applicants who have not received any Research Support during the last five (5) years. In addition, priority will be given to support research activities leading directly to the development of a nationally competitive research that has a strong potential for being externally funded.
  • Investigators may submit no more than three proposals in a support cycle. This rule holds irrespective of the author’s role on the project (i.e., principal investigator, co-investigator, researcher, consultant, etc.)
  • Applicants who are principal investigators in a current PNHRC Research Support Program are eligible for a new award only if the final manuscript for the active project has been submitted to and approved by PNHRC Supervising Scientific Committee and PNHRC General Director by the date on which second round proposals are due in the new funding cycle.
  • Research supports are limited to project periods of no more than 12 months or one year, with rare exception.



Proposal Body should be uploaded as a separate PDF file to include the following sections:
1. Research Proposal  (Limited to ten single-spaced pages, including References)

  • Proposal Abstract

  • Introduction

  • Objectives (Detailing specific aims and significance of the proposed research)

  • Literature Review

  • Research Project Design and Methodology

  • Utilization of Expected Results

  • Duties and Responsibilities of Research Team

  • Detailed Work Plan/ Research Calendar (Tabular form with monthly task plan for research staff/team)

  • Tabulated Budget Proposal and Worksheet (Itemized List of Expenditures/Items required for Research Project)

  • References (Minimum of up-to-date 15 sources, strictly use APA Format Citation )

2. CVs for Principal Investigator, Researchers and Consultants, Senior Personnel (Limited to 3 pages maximum for each Research Team CV)
3. IRB or other Pertinent Research Approvals or Clearances (as needed)
4. Supplier Quotations and Research Items’ Catalogues (as needed)



  • The Research Agreement will be mailed to the Principal Investigator’s university following notification of the award. 
  • Parties to the Joint Agreement are Prince Naif bin AbdulAziz Health Research Center (PNHRC) and the Principal Investigator. 
  • When the project involves multiple investigators from other KSU colleges or different universities/institutions, the parties to the Research Agreement will be PNHRC and the Lead Investigator. The lead investigator’s university/institution will be responsible for executing sub-contracts with the universities/institutions of coinvestigators on the research grant. 
  • After six (6) months from the project's start date, an interim progress report shall be submitted by the PI of the project to the PNHRC. 
  • In all scientific and scholarly publications and all manuscripts submitted for publication from this research project, authors must acknowledge the sources of support and funding from PNHRC for all activities leading to and facilitating preparation of the publication or manuscript, including, but not limited to grant support; and technical or other support if substantive and meaningful to the completion of the project.


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