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Administrative Departments

Administrative Departments

  • Media and Social Responsibility

Collaboration in all activities to enhance the cultural and social relationships and the effective participation in the scientific conferences and forums nationally and internationally in addition to the participation in the local newspapers.


  • Financial and Administrative Affairs

The administration of Financial and Administrative Affairs is responsible for the financial, administrative, and technical supervision of the different departments and the coordination among them to ensure high quality performance.


  • Research and Development

The administration supports the scientific and clinical researches that contribute to achieving of the center's vision. The administration also seeks to establish scientific partnerships nationally and internationally .In addition to that, the administration provides many other services to the researches such as:

  • The search engine (by researchers' names, by research title, by research problem, by publishing year, or by all researches
  • Researchers Guide (CV, Web-site, E-mail, contact Number, other information "optional")
  • Research Collaboration(nationally and internationally)
  • Published scientific papers
  • Book and chapters of published books
  • Patents
  • Prizes


  • Training and Activities

The training and activities unit handles and coordinates all the training programs that are held in the center in addition to the center's participations in the local and regional activities. The unit also conducts workshops and training courses for specialized staff or for qualifying health staff.


  • Public Relations and International Collaboration

The public relations and international collaboration unit arranges the meetings and the periodical conferences and the training and educational lectures in cooperation with recognized international universities and institutions .Besides, the unit communicates with governmental and private institutions and bodies.

The public relations and international collaboration unit follows up the agreements and alliances that cooperate with the center in specialized fields in addition to exchanging official visits and the coordination of the  delegations' reception ceremonies. 



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