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Allergies guidance

Animal Housing Rooms:

The main tasks of the facility are to
house, raise, and maintain the different
experimental animals, providing researchers
with the animals necessary to carry out their

Experimental Operating Suite :
The experimental operating room works
mainly with researchers to develop and
implement experimental models required
for different lines of research as well as
follow-up and collection of different
biological samples for such models.

Training & workshop Operation Theater :
Surgeons and research teams use the tenbed
operation theater room when training
• new surgical techniques such as
endoscopic surgery, thoracic surgery,
and orthopedic surgery
• testing new medical devices and surgical

Experimental Surgery and Animal Facility :


Precautions to avoid allergies in the center:

1.    It is strictly prohibited to eat, drink, or smoke inside the facility.
2.    Staff must wear   protective clothing while working with animals.
3.    Wear gloves to avoid contact with animals waste(urine , blood, hair)
4.     Wash the cages used to shift animals by using a custom disinfectant before bringing them  to the animal room.
5.    Avoid dust produced by the animal  and carpets while working.
6.    The animals must be shifted in closed cages.
7.    Always wash your hands after dealing with animals.
8.    It is not allowed to write nay thing on the cages.



Avoiding infection transmission outside the facility:

1.    The animals must be transferred in closed boxes .
2.    Living laboratory animals   should be kept in approved areas within the center and when shifted   out , they must be kept in the air-purifying devices.
3.    Disposal of dead animals should be performed in a healthy way as followed in hospitals (yellow box).Also, it is prohibited to bring dead animals to the facility.
4.    Dirty cages (used) must always be covered until they are cleaned.
5.    Remember always to be careful while carrying animals.
6.    The researcher or the visitor must adhere to the centers regulations .



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